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Zhang Ming Yang has been in selected solo and group exhibitions over the last 10 years as he relentlessly sought his signature artistic voice. Self-taught, he paints with acrylic, oil and charcoal as he observes and subverts personal, historical and global issues through his paintings, which unravel feelings of fragility or desire, and often they draw on human experiences.


His passion for old classic films also lets him explore the relationship between painting and films, to create cinematic screenshots of life’s more visceral, poignant moments. His work seeks the chasm between abstract expressionism and figurative. Zhang often paints in a flurry of hurried gestural strokes to the midpoint almost at first, then it is gradually coaxed, urged and seduced to a glorious finish.

"I crave movement in my new work. Movement that provokes a conflict of opposing forces, movement that is the outcome of strangely contained and compressed energy."

Connect with Zhang Ming Yang 


Zhang is open to exhibiting, sharing his artwork and collaborations. Please email any enquiries to

"It's better that you feel a painting, not look at one"

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