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2019 and earlier

I strive for sensuality with brushstrokes borne out of the overt subconscious.

For me, its cadence must emanate a powerful corporeal sensation.

There is no choice but to evoke conversations between the work and the viewer; Conversations within oneself, be they of nostalgia, memories or suffering.


Simultaneously, I crave movement in this series. Movement that provokes a conflict of opposing forces, movement that is the outcome of strangely contained and compressed energy. Fragments of memories and perspectives that effervesce to the immortal surface.

In my mind, the context is vital. Be it about societal repression, voluntary inner oppression, or the inevitable struggle of living itself. But the importance of conveying the message weighs little in comparison to the emotions being evoked, the indescribable transcendent feeling of the viewer’s own interpretation.

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