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Mikael Teo's Portfolio Highlights

"I'm constantly in relentless pursuit of the next big idea."

With over 100 international awards for creativity and marketing effectiveness in online, interactive, experiential, activation, TV, radio and print media, the naturally competitive Mikael has spearheaded and won major business accounts such as Sony Ericsson Global, Mastercard, Singtel, Tiger Airways, Carlton Hotel and many more over the years. His experience includes an invaluable 1.5-year stint at Saatchi & Saatchi Beijing as Creative Director.  Here are some of his personal favourites, in various scales of production.


tvc - Paymentlink

The Idea:

How do you launch something so sophisticated to a new generation that has the attention span of a fly? 

By playing to their passion of Korean drama of course. Mikael wrote and directed this award winning commercial which evoked empathy while introducing to them the strategy of cutting the drama of paying with cash.



The Idea:

An online 'controversial' beauty pageant with a twist that bodes well for the value proposition of this healthy beverage.


“CamQueen of the Year” would not have happened if not for the empathetic nature of Mikael Teo. Even internally, his partners and co-workers were sceptical of the idea. But why should a marketing campaign for a beverage look like a campaign for beverages? Given, Mikael is averse to unoriginal and run-of-the-mill campaigns, and is at his best when pushing borders against all odds with his back to the wall, cornered and armed with only his imagination.

Deciding to help young women alleviate their insecurities about their looks, Mikael devised a “beauty pageant” that will address the vital importance of true beauty that will be rolled out via a microsite, online banners, an event, viral videos, press releases and influencers. Contestants would upload their “before” and “after” photographs for submission which caused a furore over whether this encourages superficial beauty.

But, when the winnders were revealed, the Twist of using only contestants’ “before” pictures for judgement in this pageant shocked and awed many people in the end.

In just 3 short weeks, “CamQueen” amassed 4.5 million page views, over 300,000 unique visitors, 500,000 viral videos views and press coverage on Stomp!, RazorTV and in newspapers from Malaysia, Indonesia and China. Our finalists also appeared in TV interviews.





The Idea:

Understand what goes through the minds of persons with mental disabilities in this exciting puzzle solving e-Escape Room adventure. 


Players explore 360-degree 3D environments with clues and hints spread across this exclusively online e-Escape Room. Finding clues will help them solve Interactive puzzles that require users to think from the character’s perspective; What would someone with this mental disorder do in this situation? 

The e-Escape room experience gives our clients a fun but realistic Virtual Platform centred around understanding mental disabilities, granting the public an online communications channel for people to discover if these same mental disorders may be plaguing their friends and loved ones, educating them on the appropriate actions to take afterward. 

The conclusion is a meaningful project for me personally whilst gaining insights into the sufferings of patients with these conditions.



The Idea:

Roll the dice and travel around Singapore as one learn more about property financing in this interactive multiplayer game.


To strengthen and engage with DBS' customers through an interactive digital platform, I created this 3D tribute to the popular board game which integrated all of DBS' offerings in a seamless, engaging and insightful way.



integrated campaign - singapore navy

The Idea:

Year 2005, all the Singapore Navy wanted was a simple direct mailer, but they met Mikael Teo who gave them their biggest integrated campaign yet which included TV commercials, comic books, a mobile phone game, print ads, posters and online banners with an homage to the most popular sci-fi film of that time.

The result? The Singapore Navy doubled their recruitment numbers for the very first time in history.


experiential - f1 grand prix

The Idea:

In line with the F1 Singapore Grand Prix, an annual adrenaline-charged racing event, the goal was to construct an astounding installation along the streets of Singapore that would appeal to Singaporeans and tourists alike. Using projection mapping technology, Mikael wanted to generate stunning visuals that would allow the crowd to bask in an electrifying atmosphere during this period of non-stop racing action.


A mesmerising Online-to-Offline (O2O) projection platform; housed within a 9m wide 3D projection mapping container, the interactive projection mapping car enables the public to create truly dynamic designs from their wildest imaginations.


After a few easy steps, they were able to see their designs come to life.




The Idea:

Sit back and relax while you experience a surreal audio-visual experience whilst enjoying your massage on OSIM’s new uDream Pro 5 massage chair.


This immersive project makes use of a specially programmed VR application to elevate the traditional massage chair experience. Users will be able to select their preferred massage chair controls through the VR application, and the massage chair will intuitively react to the preference.

With two programs to choose from, users can then sit back and enjoy their 15-min massage, whilst watching a spectacular 360° audio-visual experience. 



print campaign - hasbro

The Idea:

With Hasbro as a client, it was nothing short of fun when Mikael created a branding campaign for its board game of Risk. His boldest work yet, he cheekily reimagined scenarios of hostile takeovers for selected countries and their “nemesis” which were a tad too close to the truth. It did relaunch the game to great effect and amassed more than 60 international awards including One Show pencils and Cannes Lions.



print campaign - ritz carlton beijing

The Idea:

Mikael Teo’s stint at Saatchi and Saatchi Beijing coincided with the launch of the majestic Ritz Carlton hotel at Financial Street. He wrote mandarin copy for this, to the shock of native Chinese creatives.


With this Ritz Carlton launch campaign, which included TV commercials, print and outdoor media, he strategised and crafted a bold message that read, “If you haven’t been to Ritz Carlton,  you haven’t been to Beijing.” In each ad, a single business traveller is in his element and also in an environment of peace that combined space and time for peace of mind.


integrated campaign
- carlton hotel singapore

The IDea:

When Mikael pitched for and won the Carlton hotel business, he did so with an unconventional tone of voice. The header was written in a tongue-in-cheek way, giving the viewers an element of surprise by beginning with a “negative” comment.

It was then followed by explanations that the hotel’s amenities are so satisfying that you, the business traveller,  may forget your manners/ poise/ priorities for a while. This became a full fledged campaign that included a website, online banners, events, print ads, billboard ads and TV commercials.

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